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The Ristorante Dietro La Quinte
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Our Accommodation in Tuscany

We are based in Colle di Val D'Elsa where we stay in a three-star family hotel in the middle of the atmospheric old town.  The building is a 15th century palazzo whose rooms have postcard views of the Tuscan countryside.

It is a typical Italian albergo and not the homogenised product of an international hotel chain. You can expect friendly and personalised service, cleanliness and excellent security, all delivered in an unsurpassed location!

The rooms are serviced by a small elevator and they all have en-suite facilities, phone, television and bar fridge. The rooms are smaller than in Australian hotels but they are of a neat and attractive appearance. Downstairs is a lounge for guests where you can also get access to email and the internet.

A continental breakfast is served in the cellar of the palazzo or it is also possible to enjoy your morning coffee al fresco in the adjacent Piazza Caterina.

Around the hotel you will find an amazing array of osteria, trattoria and ristorante.  An osteria is typically a small, friendly sit-down restaurant, serving basic and quite filling meals. A trattoria is generally a family-run restaurant serving regional fare in the home-cooked style. The menu is not normally extensive and the decor and ambience of such establishments tends to be casual. A ristorante is a formal restaurant, with elaborate menus, extensive selection of wines, expensive decor and uniformed waiters.

For those with a love of fine food and deep pockets you may wish to budget for the Ristorante Arnolfo. However, other fine eating options abound at a much more conventional price! The Ristorante Dietro La Quinte hugs the town walls and its picturesque setting makes it an ideal venue for eating on a balmy evening. Close by are shops that offer a wide range of food stuffs and beverages that complement these restaurant offerings.

As circumstances can change we do reserve the right to change the hotel but rest assured the alternative accommodation will be of similar high quality and be placed in an attractive location.

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