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Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do I need to be?

To enjoy our walks it is necessary to have a reasonable level of fitness. They are not tests of physical fitness but stretches can be arduous.  As a general guide you should be able to carry your own luggage and to be able to walk unaided for periods of at least two hours at a time.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend that each day you carry a small daypack with water, a snack, camera and perhaps a sprayjacket or jumper. Comfortable walking shoes are a must but hiking boots and poles are not necessary.

Do I need insurance?

Travel insurance is a must! Speak to your travel agent about your specific needs but also check the online insurance brokers who offer more customised and cheaper products.  Of course ensure that the underwriter of these products is a reputable company with offices in Australia.  To guarantee your interests Walk Italy will also want to know the details of your travel insurance before you start on the tour.

How much free time is there on the tour?

In our ten day walks we schedule two full days as free time to ensure that you have opportunity to independently explore the local region.  Of course, we are happy to recommend options for these days.

On the days we are walking there is generous time in the towns visited to either shop, eat or just relax with a wine or gelato. We typically start by 9am and walk until we stop for lunch. At some locations we linger for sight-seeing and shopping and at others we complete the walk in the afternoon.

We finish most days by 5:00pm and on those days where we provide the dinner we follow the Italian custom and don't eat before 8:00pm.  This provides ample time to explore the shops and attarctions in Colle di Val d'Elsa.

How many people will be on the tour?

We have a maximum number of 10 people and a minimum of five. In addition to these people there is of course the Walk Italy tour leader and a driver.

Can I use my mobile in Italy?

Yes you can use any GSM mobile but please check with your carrier that Global Roaming has been enabled.  Your tour leader will carry a mobile phone and you can always contact them at any time during the tour.

How can I be contacted in Italy?

Mobile coverage is excellent in Italy and so SMS messages are the most straight forward method. Once you have booked your tour we will also provide you with your hotel's phone and fax details. 

Do I need a visa for Italy?

Australians do not need a visa for short holiday stays. Other passport holders should check the requirements for their nationality.

What expectations are there of me? 

The walks all assume that you are prepared to cooperate with the other travellers in the group. You should be both physically and emotionally ready to undertake the walks and to spend ten days in close company, with a possibly diverse group of people.

What weather should I expect?

Our walks are scheduled for spring and autumn which are the best times for enjoying Tuscany's environment. It is likely to experience some rain in Spring but by May the days are drier. The days are also lengthening, and there are about 10 hours of daylight during May. The average temperatures for this season are between 18° and 24°

The autumn weather up until the end of October and sometimes into November is typically warm and dry.  The average temperatures range between 20° and 28°.  The daylight hours are shortening but with sunset between 8pm and 7:30pm there's plenty of daylight.  

What should I pack?

Pack light would have to be the best recommendation. For the walks, both men and women should either light weight pants or shorts combined with a short-sleeved shirt or blouse. A spray jacket or similar could be useful on cooler or rainy days as would a a light weight jumper or pullover.

For evenings select easy care casual clothes with the men opting for a jacket. Ties are certainly not necessary. Remember if you have forgotten something important Italy is just the place to buy a replacement!

How do I get there? 

We stay in the town of Colle di Val d'Elsa and journey out from there on all our walks. However, we provide a pick up in Florence (Firenze) on the morning of the first day. It is possible to meet up with the group in Colle. Directions to the accommodation will be provided to you at the time the booking is confirmed.

Can I stay longer or arrive earlier?

It is usually possible for pre and post tour accommodation to be arranged. If the hotel is fully booked there are a range of alternatives available both inside the town and the area close by.

What money will I need in addition to the cost of the trip?

This is the $64,000 question! It is impossible to give one figure. However, for Australian travellers the best rule of thumb is to think of Euros as Dollars - if a coffee in Australia costs around $3 then a coffee in Italy is around €3 and so on. Whilst this comparison doesn't work all the time it does allow you to make an estimate of your likely costs.

What does the tour cost include?

On this walk the cost of the tour includes the services of a full time tour leader, all transportation, sightseeing, all breakfasts and four lunches and five dinners.

Do you organize custom tours?

Custom tours of Italy and other areas in Europe can be organised for groups of four or more people in the periods just prior to and after the scheduled tours.

How can I contact Walk Italy ?

We are most easily contacted via email info@walkitaly.com.au or through our travel agent.

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